We are working hard to bring you the best product and we also working hard too to bring to you the best Delivery way and efficient time. Most of our products will ship from US and Canada, either somewhere else we still want you to have your loved product in hand as fast as we can.

Tracking number will provided to you upon our courier get ready usually take 1-2 days for processing time. Shipping and delivery information will be updated in real time.

We are using some popular courier like UPS, DHL, Canada Post, USPS,…

Delivery time

Canada Watches: 5-10 Business days
Fragrances: 8-12 Business days
Computer: 2-5 Business days
Consumer Electronics: 5-9 Business days
US Watches: 5-10 Business days
Fragrances: 3-5 Business days
Consumer Electronics: 3-6 Business days
Vietnam Watches: 5-10 Business days
Fragrances: 10-12 Business days
Consumer Electronics: 10-15 Business days